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Constructing The Kelpies

Rising from the ground.

Construction of The Kelpies

In an monumental feat of engineering, The Kelpies rose from the ground in just 90 days, in late 2013.

Construction of The Kelpies began on 17th  June 2013. The two enormous structures were manufactured and installed by SH Structures Limited In a remarkable feat of engineering, the sculptures rose out of the ground in a stunning construction process, captured in all its glory by Walid Salhab in his dramatic time-lapse stop-motion film.

The build was officially completed on 27th November 2013, and was celebrated with a 'topping-out' ceremony featuring Duke and Baron, the Clydesdale life models for The Kelpies.


Extending the Canal

The extension to the Forth and Clyde Canal and The Kelpies Hub turning pool were then filled with water, and opened to boaters on 21st April 2014 - the same day The Kelpies were opened to the public.

The construction process now switches its attention to our visitor centre, which is due to open in 2015.

The Kelpies by numbers

  • 300 tonnes each
  • 30 metres high
  • 1200 tonnes of steel-reinforced concrete foundations per head
  • 928 unique stainless steel skin-plates
  • Built on site in 90 days

The Kelpies Maquettes

The Kelpies Maquettes - scale models of The Kelpies - were commissioned to raise awareness of The Kelpies and The Helix, and have proved a big hit wherever they've landed around the world. From Sheffield to Falkirk, Edinburgh and Chicago, The Kelpies Maquettes have built up quite a few air miles.

The 1:10 scale Maquettes even made a brief appearance in Bryant Park, New York during Scotland Week 2014, where they didn't look out of place amongst the glitz and glamour of the big apple.