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Adventure Zone and Splash Play

Something for the kids?

We've got it covered. Our Adventure Zone playpark and Splash Play area provides kids with endless hours of fun, guaranteed. 

Adventure Zone

Head down to the Lagoon in Helix Park and you'll find the amazing Adventure Zone play park. With play equipment for ages 2 and up, kids will have a great time in our beautiful new timber play park.

Our Adventure Zone play park was funded by Sportscotland, as part of Legacy 2014's Active Places Fund, and Falkirk Environment Trust. We'd like to extend our gratitude to both.

Splash Play

The splash play area by the Adventure Zone is great fun for all kids of all ages to run through. We do suggest that younger children wear swim nappies and you bring plently of towels and a change of dry clothing!

The water is turned on at weekends and local school holidays but is weather dependent.

Important: We have been instructed by our Splash Play contractors that additional testing is required to ensure our Splash Play area functions properly and efficiently. As such, the Splash Play fountains will be switched off intermittently. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.