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Discover a new adventure trail at The Helix: Home of the Kelpies.

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Use the interactive map to locate key locations within the park, and walk to each to discover the different wildlife hiding at each point. Once you get close enough to the checkpoint, hit the 'Explore' button to see which animal you've found.

There are 10 to collect, and each is stored in your 'journal', where you can read more about each creature and their habits.

Go to all 10 checkpoints and collect all 10 animals to gain a reward (which you can claim at our Visitor Centre, rewards are subject to change).

Download for free and explore as many times as you like.

This family friendly app was designed with a few key objectives in mind: encouraging visitors to explore more areas of the park; providing a fun and free activity for families; using technology to allow younger generations to interact with nature.

Download the app today and explore what creatures live in The Kelpie's back-garden with Helixplorer.