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Spectacular Personal Donation Boosts Bike Library

08 May

Back in January we started the Bike Library - which saw 10 brand new bikes being offered to the community of Grangemouth, letting people try cycling before buying their own bike. The Bike Library has been going well since January, but we have had several requests for the scheme to be more accessible to people with physical impairments. 

Those unable to ride a bicycle or tricycle can often use a three wheeled handcycle. We thought these would be perfect, but discovered they were far too expensive to purchase - it would cost more for one handcycle than the 10 traditional bikes combined! We looked at getting one built, but discovered that would still be too expensive, and wouldn't be a safe enough option. 

When the Bike Library launch was featured in the Falkirk Herald, it came to the attention of a man who was to become our local hero.

Steve Martin, of Carronshore, gave me a call. He'd realised after seeing the paper that the bikes we had on offer were not accessible to all members of the community.

Steve had been in a traffic accident several years ago and had purchased a handcycle, specifically a Quickie Shark. He told me about the fun he had using The Shark, covering more than 15 miles a day. Steve and I talked for a little while, and at first I wasn't sure where the conversation was leading. I assumed Steve was going to offer to sell us the bike, and I expected even then that the price would still be too high. Steve told me his condition had deteriorated of late, and that he was no longer able to make use of The Shark. He thought it made no sense for the bike to be sitting unused, when it could be benefitting other people in the area.

In Steve's words "What's the point of it sitting in a shed doing nothing".

To my complete delight, Steve told me he would like to donate the Shark to the bike library. He wanted the bike to be made available to the local community so that others could have as much fun using it as he had.

Just to make clear the true generosity of this personal donation:

The Quickie Shark is a handcycle worth over £3500

Steve arranged everything, and made sure the bike was in top condition before inviting me to come and collect it. After giving me a quick tutorial on how to work the bike, Steve handed over the metaphorical keys, and it was time to get on the road.

It is truly a magnificent bike, built to be exceptionally light, fast, and strong. A titanium construction means it weighs less than 15 kilos. Powerful brakes and 21 gears let it handle roads and paths alike, and it wasn't long before I was blasting along the road to the Dawson Bike Club, to show the team there what a fantastic donation Steve had made.

We cannot describe how grateful we are to Steve. Our sincere thanks go out to him, from everyone on the Helix team, and we are truly delighted to be able to receive this fantastic donation.

We sincerely hope your treatment enables you to join us one day on the Helix Steve, and show us what The Shark is really capable of!


The Shark is a high-spec handcycle, which is amazing fun on the right surfaces - surfaces like the Helix paths! From Sunday the 12th May you'll be able to borrow The Shark from The Helix base at The Falkirk Stadium and start exploring the Helix pathways for yourself.

Click here for details

Get in touch to find out more about this great bike and how to book it out - call 01324 590719 or click here to send us an email

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