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Helix South

Connecting communities

Over 12km (7.5 miles) of new and upgraded paths have been created in Helix South. The paths through Helix South provide vital connections between Grangemouth, Beancross, Polmont, Lower Braes, Laurieston and Westquarter. They also improve links to the Falkirk Stadium and link to Helix Park, The Kelpies Hub and Helix North.

The paths are building strong links between local communities and improving connections between Falkirk and Grangemouth.

Our paths have been designed so they work for as many different individuals as possible, from keen walkers and cyclists to families with buggies and those with mobility difficulties. LED lighting has been installed on all of the key paths.

The Romans were here!

The Antonine Wall - the frontier of the Roman Empire in Scotland - cuts through the Helix South area. The Antonine Wall was constructed around 142 AD to mark the north west frontier of the Roman Empire in Britain, and stood as a monument to Roman power and authority.

To get to the Antonine Wall section in Helix South, take the Mumrills Road and walk past Mumrills Fort, the largest known fort on the Antonine Wall.

Get outdoors

Enjoy walking, running and cycling on the new pathways around Falkirk, Grangemouth and central Scotland. Lighting, signage and good surfaces are already making these routes a big hit with local people. A number of groups are using the paths on a regular basis, including Step Forth's Nordic Walking Group.