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Helix North

A place to imagine heritage, nature and art.

Helix North is a greener part of The Helix project, connecting The Kelpies Hub to New Carron Road. A new pathway runs the full length of these pleasant woodlands, connecting even more communities to The Helix.


The Helix North paths enable you to explore the woodland surrounding The Helix and The Kelpies, while weaving your way towards the artworks nestled in the trees.


The pathways are ideal for a walk or a cycle and make a fantastic riverside walk taking in the Helix North wetlands.

In the near future, a large footbridge over the River Carron will complete a circular walk or cycle to create a circular route back to the Helix Canal extension and return you to The Kelpies.


We're very excited to share Helix North with you all, and we hope you enjoy exploring the area.